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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 21, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> one minute, women were get man kurs at the salon tonight. the next, a couple guys with semiautomatic weapons stormed in. >> then things got really crazy. >> well, ken, liz, it was hectic out here for quite some time. san francisco police officers left just about a half an hour ago. everyone inside wi so shaken, they took off with the open sign still on. >> were you here when this happened? >> it was just before 8:00 when a night at the salon turned
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frightening. dune tran's wife as worked at the salon for a year. >> she would say one guy was walk in with a gun with a mask on, and after that, two guys was followed in. >> there were between three and five suspects who robbed everyone in the salon and took off in a blue toyota, tearing up at speesd of 70-plus miles an hour. officers started chasing the car through the city before the toyota finally crashed near 9th and mission, injuring three. the suspects ran again. pee dee set up a perimeter, capturing two, and then one by one, wnsz from the sa ron were taken to id their alleged robbers before finally getting released back into the arms of loved once. >> now, san francisco police officers say they have two of those suspects in custody right now, aren't saying whether or not there is one more suspect out there or whether or not
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there are three more suspects out there at this point, but they have two of those suspects from today's robbery in custody. up in flames tonight if the second night, a bay area home burned to the ground. it started off as a grass fire, but it spread snekds. christin. >> yeah shgsz liz, it moved really fast and did a lot of damage burning that one home and several other structures. you can kind of see how bad it got. the fire spread to this fence scorching it and the earth low it. >> hector watches in discombleefshgs his two dogs trapped inside as flames burn feet from his home. the fast-moving fire sparked it was driven by gusty wind and
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extreme drought conditions. >> we're seeing higher energy releases out of the fire, out of the grass than we have in the past. >> not difficult at all to see exactly what firefighters are up against. you have extremely hieshgs dry grass right here along with erratic winds. >> helicopters hovered overhead trying to douse the plane. neighbors watched, wored and watered the weesd themselves as the flames got close. >> too close for comfort. >> brit nee is one of about 40 forced to evacuate. she admits the home was overrun by hieshgs dry weesd. they were wac those weeds when the fire broke out, gobbled up the grass and the shed. >> he stood by anxiously, his two dogs still trapped inside. anxious, but we leaved that what
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matters most is not lost. >> firefighters are still out here on scene tonight walking the five takers that were burned. they still do not know what caused this fire. live in cordelia, christin ayers kpix 5. tonight we know a woman accidentally start this grass fire yesterday that destroyed two homes. well, a big tech deal to be the, but dozens of tenants are being evicted in the process. pinterest is taking over the san francisco design center. pinterest is a popular crafting and do-it-yourself site. normally, the design center would not be zoned for tech companies, but a loophole designating it as an historic building allows it to be used adds office space. also tonight, california's biggist chain of for-profit careers might be forced to close down because of money problems. this is bad news for thousands
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of bay area students. >> ken, right now, hill college students are getting ready for finals. there are just two weeks left in the school room. most of the students were caught by surprise. they had no idea their school could go out of business. >> do you want more for your life? >> kinds of ads attracted sandra lopez to college, but her degree could be put on hold if the school shuts down. its parent company is in trouble with the federal government. >> i'm kind of disappointed because i did not hear about that, but i hope they don't close baa i really like the school. >> the u.s. department of education has limited and delayed access to federal money for student loans and grants. >> after failed to turn over
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requested documents, without the cash flow, the company will go bankrupt. 14,000 students in the bay area would be affected. >> kind of scary. i really have enjoyed my time at hill. all the teachers and staff have been very helpful. >> what is going to happen to all of us? >> tonight, the school said it wrapped up constructive discussions with the department of education but didn't elaborate. it's hopeful the two can reach an agreement. betty yu kpix 5. >> the department of education says if the schools close before students finish their greeshgs they may not have to repay their federal loens. tonight, the budget is a done deals and the biggest ever. governor jerry brown held a sieng ceremony in san diego. he stays $108 billion plan pays down debt and builds a rainy day fund. because california is doing bert financially, a state panel says
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the governor and state lawmakers deserve a rachltz texas governor pick perry created quite a fire storm during his visit to san francisco when he said this. >> i may have the -- the genetic coding that i'm inclined to be an alcoholic, but i have the desire not to do that, and i look at the home sexual issues the same way. >> weblgs tonight, he's not apoll jiegz, but he is trying to explain himself. he said, quote, i stepped right in it. he also admitted what he should have said was, quote, we need to be a really respectful and tolerant country to get everybody and get back to talking about, gay or straight, you need to be having a job. rick perry surprised a lot of people this week when he said he might want to retire in california. he isn't usually our biggest fan here, but tonight the skate democratic party chairman is giving him a little advice. it may not be his scene.
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twitter has become the front line in the propaganda war in iraq. isia put together this video. it features a 20-year-old british medical student who went to syria. videos from isis have also popped up on you tube. secretary of state john kerry is head today iraq this weekend to meet with the government to make it clear we're not going to bail them out of the boots on the ground. here's what the president had to say today. >> part of the task now is to see whether iraqi leaders are prepared to rise above sectarian mote ration vagss, no, ma'am together, compromise. >> the president says there is no amount of fire power that can keep iraq from falling apart. he says he made that very clear to the prime minister. tonight, the first two human case of west nile virus have just been reported here in
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california, one in contra costa valley, the other in shan joaquin valley. both men are okay. last year, there were almost 400 human cases of west nile. also tonight, two of the largest health insurance companies in california are under investigation for a problem we first exposed. allen martin says they're accused of misleading customers who purchase plans through covered california. >> this one once a day. >> this former marine bought his insurance through covered ka california, only to find there's no coverage in his area. >> i was on the phone for two hours while they were trying to find me a doctor within 20 miles. >> these people we profiled found provider lists supplied by their insurance companies were full of errors. >> tla told me they do not take any covered california plans. >> now, two insurance companies that sold 60% of all covered california plans had some
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explaining to do. after kpex 5's investigation, the state laufrnled its own investigation into whether anthem blue cross and blue shield of california broke state laws. one requires insurers to have enough doctors, another that requires provider lists to be accurate, something our julie wauts asked the state's department of managed healthcare about in a recent interview. >> if they willfully misrepresent to us -- >> but they have misrepresented to the consumers of california. we know the list they gave to covered california is wildly inaccurate so haven't they broken the law? can they be held accountable? >> both anthem and blue shield acknowledged that mistakes were made. the companies also claim they've made improvements. too late for these customers who say they're still dealing with the side effects of their insurer's mistakes. >> if i wasn't going to have afk sesz to my doctor, i would have
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chosen a different insurance. >> the state's investigation is expected ld to take two months, and if violations are found, of course, the companies would be required to fix them. the companies could be find, and a monitor could be appointed to keep an eye on those companies. allen martin, kpix 5. one of the most popular spart spots in the bay area will be off limits to tourists. women are going nuts over this guy's mug shot. tonight,,,,,,,,
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luxury ya frnltsz get a load of this. that is what it looks like when $24 million goes up in flames. the luxury yacht burned for hours yesterday in chula vista. the owner says he cried watching it burn. starting tomorrow, one of the most popular tourist destinations in san francisco will be closed to tourists on weekend. lumbard street, better known as the crookedest street in the world, starting tomorrow and continuing every weekend this summer, it will be off limits to visitors. people who live on the street are sec of all this tlafk, but we found out there is a loophole. taxes will be allowed. some tourists, though, told us it's just not the same. >> not be able to do that. you've come from china or france or london. you want to drive down the street? we did when we moved here the first time. >> yeah.
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>> yeah. everybody pays tax. i noent say taxis. they can still go down the hill. it's a windy road and you've got to pay. this is the first of four consecutive weengd closures from noon until 6:00 p.m.. it's part of a test program by san francisco. here's the thing, though, it's not even the krookdest street in san francisco. that honor goes to vermont street. he's been called doctor's most dangerous man, but tonight he has a new ripation. america's hottest felon. kate was in court when jeremy meeks faced the judge. >> it's stockton's dreamy mug shot. >> sexy. >> beautiful eyes. >> his picture may be worth oo thousand words, but his bail, worth more. he was in court today. his family didn't want to talk to us. >> come on. can you respect some prooif circumstances please. >> they sure know what he looks
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like. >> i ammarlied. i still thought he was good look. >> it's the most talked-about photo on the internet, but it's not something the san joaquin county district attorney or stockton police want to talk about. that's because they don't want to glorify him in that way. both groups say he's a criminal and his lest of past defenses should speak louder than his looks. gang member, grand theft of a person, resisting arrest >> you can be hot as in being attractive, you know, because i'm sure that's what the women were talk about, but his behavior talks away from that. >> jeremy's mother coming to his defense. she where i say, "please help. my son was taken into custody on his way to work. he is a working man with a son. he's being stereotyped due to
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old tattoos. stereotyped but also liekd and lusted after. in stockton, kpix 5. >> his mug shot has become such a situation. there's now a twitter campaign to free jeremy. >> check this out. his mug shot has been photoshopped into a number of fashion ads. there's calvin clein. hugo boss. we have some of the best internet pictures of him on our web site >> he could have bun a model maybe. >> could be heading to a place where mug shots don't really mean much anymore. >> yep. all right. awesome. >> on to the weather. >> speak of shots, you got really cool photo today? >> that is the segue of the year. that's how we do it in the big leagues. here is a great shot of the sunset. i hope you saw it outside earlier tonight. fantastic. cloud cover giving us that great canvas in the sky, if you will. this on our facebook page. thank you.
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beautiful shot of the north bay, and stephanie, take a look at that picture. you can find us on instagram, kpixtv and also twitter and facebook. this is time lapse from our new neighborhood network live camera. great shot there out toward livermore. a gorgeous sunset tonight. final sunset of spring. tomorrow morning when you wake up, it's now summer. 3:a 1 tomorrow morning, and north of the arctic circle shths including items north of norway, this will happen. the sun is actually not going to set. land of the midnight sun will be exactly that tomorrow as we're going to see 24 hours of daylight anywhere north of the arctic circle. just down to our south and west, light on shore flow. you'll get cloud cover at the coast. you isle get cloud cover in san francisco tomorrow morning, fog, as well.
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it'll burn off quickly. mild temperatures that won't be hot because still having a bit of ocean influence. let's fast forward now all the way to the end of next week because this is significant. summer time we really get any wide spreed rain chance. we may have one next friday as low pressure digs down the west coast, makes it from the pacific northwest here. by this time next week, we may be talking about a few showers. fog burning off quickly tomorrow. sunny and pleasant with that tiny shower chance late next week. very close to average tomorrow. con cordelia, your aufrj is 84. morgan hill 87. san jose 79. dublin 85. san ramon 85. 65 with afternoon sunshine in san francisco. san ra fell 79. cloverdale 87. gorgeous weather right through the weekend. tiny shower chance next friday, but the weather between now and then wonderful to get outside. >> i think it's going to be
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especially beautiful on monday. >> why would that be? >> i don't know. it's a certain weather man's berth day, which it should be a nice day. >> it'll be a good day. >> happy birthday. you will not be here to celebrate. >> i will not. >> thank you in advance. >> you look great at 65. >> oh, yeah. 64. it's the new 44. . coming up. there was fierce computation. so this board gives me rates on progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive and they're them.
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find your inner minion only at the despicable me minion mayhem ride at universal studios hollywood. ugliest dog was just crowne the sonoma county fair. and joe vazquez sh tonight, we have a winner. the world's uglyiest dog was just crowned at the sonoma county fair. >> and joe vasquez shows us it might be the ugliest dog ever created. >> oh. >> you certainly are. >> the world's uglyiest dog competition is not for the faint of heart, but at least you can be honest here. >> you can say it out loud here. that dog is ugly. >> i think it's cute, but, you know, really, the people were honest. >> wow! >> it's a real specimen, half dog, half high yee na. >> well, at least third base is pretty. >> oh, yeah. beautiful gold, green eyes. >> it could hurt you, though,
2:02 am
face is pretty. >> she's got a warrant. >> you are not to let his teeth scare you. it'll take more than warts to stop this dog from geneville, north carolina. he's a shelter rescue. >> well, he doesn't have this anymore. his eyelids were also gone, and so he can't close his eyes so, therefore, his eyes water. the tears drain into his nose so we have nice little snot bubbles because of it. it's great. >> great back story, but really it's his shocking face that win it is prize. >> in first place, peanut. [ cheers and applause ] >> he's my baby. i guess i just don't see him every day as being that ugly. >> in petaluma, joe vasquez kpix 5. >> so what do you think? is that the ugliest dog ever, little peanut there? there have been dooz sis in the past. check that little dude in the
2:03 am
middle. feona. >> remember hem back in 2011? >> yes. >> i like elwood. >> i might my elwood. >> elwood is so cute. and i like the tong. sglelwood lost control of his mouth. . get him on the today show. >> a face only a mother could love. >> mom is feeling a let l nice. >> that's for sure. the giants hit 6, but which way? and the a's, can take you out in a lot,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mound... name of brad mills. injury repla got for baseball up top. the a's, they knew a newbie out there on the mound. first-ivening punch from josh donaldson. a three-run homer in front of 28,602 at the old for the red sox kept coming back. top 3rd, old crafty david ortiz came to with runners in scoring position. tied the im. stayed tied until the 8th when found a hole. play at the plate. too fast. a's pull out another 4-346 wins now.
2:06 am
scutero actually fielded took batting practice tonight in arizona. that's about where the positive evener ji came out. 1-1 tie. never looked back. giants have lost six straight. dodgers lost two, so the gap remains four in the nl west. 24-year-old m shell wishgse chairman of the board with that table top putting form. it working. 268. leaves the field by three, but the story is who was not plague this weekend. oo that's 11-year-old lu si. she carted back-to-back 78 t. the cut line was plus 9. 16 over sends her away. birt's-eye view. costa yreka versus italy world cup. brian ruiz. that's using the old noodle. use that line of five times this week. and that was it.
2:07 am
italy is upset 1-0 when also ended eng labd's chances of advancing. >> little side note. tiger woods announced his return to action next week at his own tournament outside of washington dc. from that, top five. no. 5, michael phelps swim santa clara tonight. a women and this second place finish. the hundred-acre at the arena. no. 4, if it wasn't for this, maybe the a's lose. brad gentry full extension, saving at least a run. no. 3, waggoner, oh, does that count? >> delay of game. >> no. no. 2, bring it down! big fellow! sarge of the har lem wizards. a shaerting slam. no. 1, watch this punch out.
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this is from trista. ,,,,,,,,,,an at the plate to end
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